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AND VICE VERSA! Pick your mate carefully. Good AND bad habits rub off when you spend so much time with someone. Can’t even tell you how much time I’ve wasted on individuals (friends included) that didn’t help push me higher and only dragged me down, but it wasn’t a complete waste. Because of them, I found out what I truly wanted and what I did not. I stopped making the same decisions and cut the cycle. I stopped going for swag and went for a gentleman. I stopped wasting my time in the club every weekend and kept my head in my books. I stopped waiting tables to racking weights in the gym. I worked hard at my job and got promoted within a month. So thanks to everyone who has contributed to my health, wealth, and happiness. Lift yourself higher or keep making the same decisions and go nowhere. I see you. Pic repost from @j_bambam

I haven’t done leg presses in awhile but I’m proud that I can press 180lbs! I’m human. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the gym or eating healthy. It is a constant struggle but remembering my goals is what helps keep me motivated. Dot be so hard on yourself but don’t give up either.

Saturday session with @mikev26 consisted of wall walks… Or shall I say wall twerks? LOL

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