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Today’s workout was a cardio & core workout I got from my trainer @mikev26. Supposed to be 30mins but with my schedule I could only squeeze in 15. Finished 4 rounds. If you do this, share with me how many rounds you get in!

15 min amrap
10 sit-ups
10 super mans
10 jackknives
10 hip lifts
10 russian twist
10 reverse planks (don’t hold, go up and down)
10 toe touches
10 ankle touches
10 donkey plank
10 leg lifts

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Some morning advice for you all. I’ve come across so many people that say they want certain things and they truly sound convincing, but when it comes down to it, they come up with excuses. You are your own enemy. No one else is standing in between you and your goals but yourself. I’ll admit I used to be one of those people. I woke up one day and decided to stop being unhappy with my choices. I stopped making excuses and I made it happen. Now get off your ass and stop making excuses on why things aren’t happening for you and MAKE THEM HAPPEN! You’ll feel much better when you do, promise.

My weekend lineup starting tomorrow!

Friday: Laugh for a good cause in Cerritos! Showtimes @ 730p & 930p! Buy your tix at the link below! #support #filipinocomedytour

SaturDAY: I’ll be @spocom in the Main Model Lounge & judging the GoGo Contest! Tix still avail! Use my discount code “DIANNA” for $5 off

SaturNIGHT: Dancing the night away @infusionla at Universal City Walk

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